Products: Capacitive Touch Sensor Device

- 1ch touch sensor IC : EM01(SOT-26), SS02(SOT-26), SS501(SOT-26)

- 3ch touch sensor IC : EM02B(14-SOP)

- 4ch touch sensor IC : EM02(20-SOP)

- 6ch touch sensor IC : ES06C(14-SOP)

- 8ch touch sensor IC : ES08C(16-SOP), SS01(32-MLF)

- 10ch touch sensor IC : ES10C(20-SOP)

- 12ch touch sensor IC : ES12C(20-SOP)

- 16ch touch sensor IC : ES16C(32-MLF)

Capacitive Sensing method switching

대부분의 우리 주변에 물체 또는 물질들은  공기보다 높은 유전율(permittivity)을 가지고 있다. 이러한 물체나 물질은 캐패시터와 같이 어떤 유전체(dielectric)에 접촉하게 되면 물체가 가지고 있는 전하량에 의해 정전용량을 생성하게 된다. 인체의 경우도 마찬가지로 손가락이 어떤 도체면에 접촉하게 되면 정전용량을 생성하게 되고 이 미세한 변화를 에러없이 검출하여 스위치로 응용할 수 있도록 고안된 제품이 당사의 정전용량 센서 IC 이다.


               Practical Human Finger Touch Motion               Automatic Mass production Touch Tester

Basically most of kinds a materials has a high permittivity then air. The material which has a dielectric node has a characteristics of energy charge like a capacitor. Using this characteristic, Capacitive sensor switch can identify touch of human body.

At the touch node, with a human touch, it has a variation of capacitance between node and ground. The variation of capacitance is detected by switch IC and make a TTL output. The way of sensing can be done by touch or non-touch. Compare to touch sensing method, non-touch method need more precise detecting technology. Defending of permittivity of material which place between node and human body. May have to adjust sensitivity.

Now we are developing active adjust sensing technology. For future, many kinds a switch application will be change from mechanical way to soft touch way.